About Us

A personalised touch

From the highest standards of personalized care to cutting-edge technologies dental procedures, Nüvodent is proud to offer the very best of dental care.

We pride ourselves in offering personalized high-quality dental care tailored to your individual needs - we are committed to exceeding your expectations with results that will make you smile!


What Sets Us Apart

Our staff provides top dental care in the most effective and gentle way possible. We offer a calm and nurturing environment, set inside our stylish modern space.

We use the latest and safest technology to complement the newest medical advances and provide top-tier dental treatments.

For the most pleasant experience, kindly plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We have a comfortable waiting area for you to relax and fill out necessary paperwork if you are a new patient.

Scanning & 3D Planning

We use digital solutions, such as 3D scanning and planning, to enhance patient experience and improve dental treatments accuracy.

Visualising the final result before committing to cosmetic, surgical, and functional treatments, not only allows you to feel more confident, but also facilitates communication with your dentist.


In House 3D Printing

3D-printing offers many great opportunities and new exciting ways to make life easier our patients and dentists alike. 3D printed models allow for a more efficient workflow for our dentists, and increases the reliability and precision in their work. Ultimately, our patients benefit from better end-results and reduced downtime. 

Meet Our Team