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Cookie Policy

A.        About this cookie policy

Nüvodent BV (hereinafter "we") uses cookies to distinguish users, i.e., any natural or legal person who consults our website. This enables us to provide users with a better browsing experience and to improve the website and its content.

In this cookie policy, we explain, among other things:

1.         The general principles

2.         Which cookies are used and their purposes

3.         The retention period

4.         The management of the cookies


B.        General Principles

A "Cookie" is a text file that is temporarily or permanently stored on the user's computer when visiting the website for the purpose of a subsequent connection.


Cookies are permanent when they remain on the user's computer even after the user has closed the browser. Temporary cookies disappear as soon as the user closes the browser.


Cookies sent by the website itself are direct cookies ("first party cookies"). Cookies can also be installed by third parties with whom we work ("third party cookies").


Some of the cookies used by us are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, others are necessary to improve the user's experience.


The user can modify or disable cookies.

By using the website, the user expressly agrees to the management of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.


C.        What cookies are used and why?

We use different types of cookies:

- Technical cookies: these are necessary for the operation of the website, allow the communication of the data entered and are intended to facilitate the user's navigation; and

- Analytical cookies: these cookies allow the recognition of the user and are used to count the number of users of the website over a certain period of time. Because they also indicate browsing habits, they are an effective way of improving the user's browsing experience by displaying proposals and offers that may be of interest to the user. They also allow us to identify and correct any bugs on the website;

- Functional cookies: these cookies facilitate the use of the website by preserving certain entered choices (for example, the username or language);

- Tracking cookies: these cookies keep track of which pages the user visits in order to build a profile of the user's online behavior. This profile can be linked to the user's email address and the like. The profile is used to personalize content to communicate with the user in the most relevant way.


We are allowed by law to continue using necessary cookies without the user's consent. If the user withdraws his/her cookie choice, it will not affect these cookies.


D.        Retention period for cookies

Cookies are stored for the time necessary to achieve the intended purpose.1

The cookies that can be stored on the user's hard drive and the storage period are as follows:

E.        Management of cookies.

If the user does not want the website to place cookies on his hard drive, he can easily manage or delete them by adjusting his browser settings. Browser programming also allows the user to receive notification as soon as a website uses cookies and thus decide whether to accept or reject them.


If the user disables certain cookies, he accepts that the website will not function optimally. Some parts of the website may not be usable or may be partially usable.


If the user wants to manage and/or delete certain cookies in this way, he/she can do so via the following link(s):

- Internet Explorer: Microsoft Edge:

- Chrome: ox:   

Any questions? Contact us at

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