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Managing a Hopeless Fractured Front Tooth

Below is a case where the patient had an accident that fractured his tooth vertically until the root. Most dentists would have extracted this tooth and had patient wait at least 3 months until placing an implant. How could you walk for this long with no front tooth?

In this blog we will show you how we managed an extraction, an implant placement, and a temporary on the same day.

In the picture above, the vertical fracture is obvious. Because of this deep fracture, an extraction was inevitable. This tooth could not be saved.

Let's begin now to show you how we treated this case:

The crack can be visible on one of the central incisors. Also, the crown was very mobile during our clinical examination.

The fractured tooth was extracted very carefully so that we could preserve the bone for the future implant.

An implant was placed immediately after the extraction.

On the left picture, we can see the implant was perfectly placed. On the right, some bone was used to fill in the gaps between the implant and surrounding structure.

We used a temporary abutment (see picture above) in order to hold the temporary crown. In this case, we were able to use the old tooth of the patient as a crown since it was extracted intactly.

With a blue silicone stent, we were able to place the old crown on the temporary abutment in the same position that it was before the surgery. This will help us maintain good gum aesthetics and also a natural temporary tooth for the patient.

The picture above shows clearly how we were able to copy the previous anatomy of the tooth. We used this copy to screw it back in the patients mouth.

There it is! The temporary crown was screwed in the implant and the patient left very happy since he walked out of the treatment as if nothing happened.

Surgery was performed by Alvaro Urbano

Pictures taken by Amiram Avitan

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